Everything You Need to Know About Flatware Rental

Everything You Need to Know About Flatware Rental

Something that you definitely don’t want to forget about is Boston flatware rental. You can’t have an event that includes a meal if there’s nothing to eat with!

Planning a Spring or Summer Wedding? We Got You Covered.

Let’s face it; planning a wedding is a lot of work. While it’s difficult to put an exact timeframe on the process, many wedding planners estimate that 12 to 18 months of planning is generally normal. When you convert that time to hours, the numbers are mind blowing! Lucky for you, our team at Rental […]

3 Considerations for Wedding Plate Rental

From tents to plates, wedding planning is stressful! We’re helping out by providing you three consideratins to make your plate selection an easy one!

What’s the Difference Between Flatware and Silverware?

Flatware versus silverware. You’ve heard the terms, but is there a difference?

The Advantages of Renting

While owning a shiny new piece of equipment may seem exciting, it is not always necessary. More often than not, the item you once needed desperately gets used less and less over time, and your investment doesn’t seem justified. For short burst projects or events, renting is the way to go. There are several advantages […]

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