Everything You Need to Know About Flatware Rental

Everything You Need to Know About Flatware Rental

When hosting a large event, there are a lot of things to think about, and sometimes small yet crucial items can slip through the cracks. These tend to be things that we take for granted, so we forget to ask about them when arranging rentals. Something that you definitely don’t want to forget about is flatware rental. You can’t have an event that includes a meal if there’s nothing to eat with! Disposable cutlery is always an option, but that can be too casual for certain events, and it’s wasteful. Luckily, you have the experts in Boston flatware rental right here at Rental Depot!

We’re here to help with your Boston flatware rental needs. Here’s what you need to know.

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Make sure you have what you need.

This is always the first step when it comes to party rentals. The general recommendation is to have two sets of flatware per guest, one for dinner and one for dessert. You also want to have some extra sets on hand. Things get dropped, or an extra guest might turn up, and you want to be prepared.

There are also additional accessories that you might need, like serving utensils, salad tongs, or cake servers. It will be easier to rent everything from the same place, so inquire if the rental company will include those items.

Check the style and quality.

Before agreeing to any party rental item, you should always ask to see it first. Rental companies often have different styles of flatware available, so you can choose the sets that fit best with your event. For a fancier event like a wedding, something like silver-plated flatware is appropriate. If you’re having a more casual event, like a birthday party, stainless steel is a good option. Once you’ve made your selection, have a look at a few sets to ensure they look as you expect and are in good condition.

Ask about the policies.

Rental companies will have policies that cover pickup and delivery, replacements, reservations, and cleaning. Ask to see all of these before finalizing your rental agreement. You want to ensure that they can meet your expectations and that you know what to do to avoid penalties and issues.

boston flatware rental

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