3 Considerations for Wedding Plate Rental

3 Considerations for Wedding Plate Rental

If you’re planning a backyard wedding, rental is a word that you are probably becoming all too familiar with. From tents to plates, every last detail is on you. It’s stressful, we get it. Which is why we’re writing this article! An often overlooked feature, plate rental, is just as important as every other element. Here, we’re providing you with three considerations to make your choice a simple one!


Standard white or cream

If you’re keeping things simple, standard white or cream colored plates are the way to go. This option is not only the cheapest, but it is also fits with any décor. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbeque, a rustic wedding, or even an elegant island themed getaway, this plate rental option is seamless and affordable!



Possibility the most timeless choice for weddings is Chinaware. While ivory with a gold rim is standard, several other styles are available ensuring a seamless fit with your décor.

China is a combination of materials that include quartz, clay, feldspar, and kaolin. Like pottery, China is fired in a kiln which requires close attention and precision to avoid flaws. Because of the process, the cost of China is often higher than traditional plates. Another mentionable is that most China requires hand-washing due to the intricate gold or hand painted accents.

For more information on wedding China 101, check out this article written by The Knot.


Mix things up

Another option is for those who are looking for something more outside of the box. Mixing up your China is a fun way to achieve the unexpected while creating a dual-layer purpose. Not only do you have a solution for dining, but your plates also become décor. Choose several colors and textures to achieve this look. However, don’t go overboard as this project can quickly get ugly!!


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While it may be tempting to purchase China for your wedding, it’s not realistic. What are the chances of needing over one hundred plates in the future? This, of course, is assuming you’re hosting a large wedding. Plate rental allows you the presentation you’d like without the high cost.

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