Why Champagne Fountains are Perfect For Your Baby Shower

Why Champagne Fountains are Perfect For Your Baby Shower

Whether a baby shower or wedding, milestone birthday celebrations, or retirement parties, champagne fountains are the perfect party rental in Massachusetts for any gathering. Providing an element of elegance, these fountains also bring you and your guests convenience. Here’s a look at a few reasons you should consider renting a champagne fountain for your baby shower planning.


Mim – or Momosas – is the drink of choice

Although mom won’t be partaking, guests love champagne at baby showers. Maybe this is because most showers are held “brunch-style,” and guests love pairing their meal with a mimosa. However, with the mimosa, you have a variety of options when it concerns serving your guests.

Depending on the location, you may have the option of a bartender. If the service of a bartender is an option, expect to pay for the convenience and the primary beverages – champagne, coffee, tea, soda, and juice. However, some function halls are BYOB. In this case, mimosa bars may be an attractive solution – however, these require work on your part. Mimosa bars are a self-serve option for guests, but require the hosts to monitor and refill throughout the event.

Enter the champagne fountain.


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Fountains require little attention

The most attention your champagne fountain will require is the assembly. And, we’ll be honest, setting a fountain up is a breeze! Once assembly is complete, add your champagne and focus on the mom-to-be! Depending on the size of the fountain that you rent, the champagne bottle will operate with as little as 3 bottles, but as many as 5 gallons of champagne! Average 2 glasses per guest, and you should have a solution that takes care of itself.



The beverage can be customizable

One of the biggest misconceptions around champagne fountains is that you can only use straight champagne. This isn’t the case! Creating colored champagne-based punches is a perfect way to add a little more flair to your shower. Festive blue or pink flowing champagne into a deep bowl of fruit it the perfect addition to brunch!





If you’re planning a baby shower and looking for a budget-friendly drink solution, consider renting a champagne fountain from Rental Depot Boston. No matter what your shower requires, we have the party rental supplies Massachusetts needs! Contact us today at (617) 327-1200 and see how easy shower planning can be!

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