Tool Rentals for Your Springtime Yard

Tool Rentals for Your Springtime Yard

Spring is a busy time of year in New England.  On top of a busy schedule, most homeowners have landscaping projects on their list as well.  Curb appeal not only adds value to the home but makes your home more inviting.  Whether it is clean up or designing an entirely new space, for equipment and tool rental in Boston, visit Rental Depot to make your next project a breeze.

Sod Cutter

There are several options of sod cutters to choose from.  The job at hand will determine the proper type of cutter you need.  Large projects such as patios or creating a walkway will require the removal of existing turf.  A motorized sod cutter is the most sensible option when taking on large areas.  Smaller areas such as garden bed expansions are better fit for a square edge sod cutter.

Stump Grinder

When it comes to removing trees hiring a professional is typically the best options.  Most tree removal services, however, do not include stump removal.  Renting a stump grinder is an easy way to finish clearing out your new space.  The grinder goes below the surface level to the roots and creates wood chips or grinds.  A lot of the time, the remains of the stump can be ground into mulch for use around the yard.

Garden Tiller

Spring is the ideal time for soil preparation. Whether it be a small or large-scaled garden, a garden tiller is a must. Ensuring a proper mix of the soil, the garden tiller encourages healthy growth for the upcoming crop. Another benefit of the tiller is the ease of use.  If your yard tends to be rocky, this tool will help get through the soil without breaking your back.


Whatever your Springtime landscaping needs are Rental Depot has you covered.  With an extensive inventory, they are sure to save you money and time. Also, Rental Depot can customize any project to meet your specifications.  For your next tool rental needs in Boston, contact Rental Depot at (617) 327-1200 or visit them online.

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