Refinish Your Hardwood Floors with Rental Depot

Refinish Your Hardwood Floors with Rental Depot

Tool rental in MADo-it-yourself projects around your home are a great way to save yourself some money to put towards over improvements around your home, but investing in the tools can be costly. Rental Depot is not only a go-to party rental supplier, we offer a variety of tool rentals in MA. If refinishing the hardwood floors in your house is something you’ve been considering this winter, think no further than our sanders to make the job easier.


Many people might think we’re crazy for suggesting you finish your floors in the colder months, but we know that sometimes our customers can’t choose when it is most convenient to complete a project of this size. There are plenty of reasons to wait until spring, but we also make sure our tools are appropriate for any occasion. Our drum sanders come with dust bags to help contain the debris and particles from completely disrupting your home.


We also offer edge sanders for those hard-to-reach places on your floor. Between posts or around heaters, every New England home is equipped to use every nook and cranny of floor space and Rental Depot knows to get the project done right, we need to have sanders that will make your job easier.


Rental Depot knows that you don’t necessarily want or need to investing in purchasing tools to accomplish all you need around your home. Our competitive prices mean you’re able to rent from us and know you’re still helping save money by completing the work yourself.


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