Tool Rental in MA: An Inside Look at the Stump Grinder

Tool Rental in MA: An Inside Look at the Stump Grinder

Whether you’re a homeowner working on a project or helping family and friends, several projects benefit from tool rental in MA. For instance, your yard. As one of the first elements people notice about your home, your yard offers curb appeal and a place to relax and entertain. However, your yard can also be one of the biggest ongoing projects!

Over time, the natural landscaping grows requiring trimming, hedging, and sometimes a completely fresh start. Often, trees are one of the biggest concerns. As they grow, trees can cause a variety of concerns and issues. For example, taller trees may cast shadows on your home, resulting in mold growth. Depending on how they grow, they can also become an area of concern if the tree were to fall. Taking down power lines and causing significant damage to your home, tree removal is sometimes the best option.

Handling with tree removal is generally best left to a team of professionals. However, if the tree is small enough, a little DIY action will save you money.


Before you begin

For the sake of this article, we’re going to assume you’re tackling tree removal on your own. First, check out this helpful article from Lowe’s with a step by step process safely detailing how to cut down a tree. Be sure to thoroughly research and have the proper tools on hand before beginning the process.

Once the tree is down and yard cleaned up, you’re still faced with another obstacle; the tree stump. Here, you’ll have two options – grind the stump or have it removed. The main difference between the two methods is purely aesthetic. Most homeowners opt for stump removal only if there are plans for building in the future.

Stump removal is just that – the entire stump and roots are dug from the ground leaving a decent sized hole to later contend with. However, stump grinding tackles only the upper portion. When grinding, the tree’s root will remain in the ground resulting in a smaller surface hole. Often, stump grinding is the way to go.


Stump grinder tool rental MA

Let’s revisit our earlier statement –several DIY projects benefit from tool rentals, stump grinding is one of them. To purchase a grinder is often an expense that doesn’t provide a return to the homeowner. Enter the benefit of MA tool rental.


How it works

Using a rotating blade, stump grinders shred into the wood as the blade turns. Manually operated, the blade is guided over the stump’s surface creating wood chips and bringing the stump below ground level. While some grinders bring the depth to 18”, most operate until just below surface level.

Once complete, use the sawdust to refill the hole that is left behind. However, you’ll probably have leftovers. Be sure to remove any remaining sawdust or wood chips as soon as possible as they quickly become a nesting ground for destructive insects.


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