Popular Summertime Party Rentals in Massachusetts

Popular Summertime Party Rentals in Massachusetts

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Beyond the highly requested tent rental for outdoor events, here at Rental Depot Boston, we have a list of the most requested party rentals in Massachusetts.  Although of few of these items top the list as standard items, you may be surprised at a few of the others!


The Common

When many of us think of party rentals for summertime gatherings, we often think of tent, table, and chair rentals.  Because these three items are versatile for any gathering, they top the list as the most popular.  For example, a tent rental is a perfect solution for wedding receptions as well as backyard graduation parties.  Providing your guests with much needed relief from the hot summer sun is crucial. 

Now let’s skip ahead; you’re guests are gathering under the tent, and there are one or two scenarios that could happen.  First, they could huddle together in awkward groups; hoping everyone remembered their deodorant and getting to meet one other in a whole new level.  Or, you could have a nicely mapped out table and chair arrangement that ensures personal bubbles and comfort on all levels.  Even though option one may make you giggle, option two is the best choice.


The Not So Common

Now that you’re guests are comfortably seated at the table of their choice, with the company of their choice, they could potentially still be quite uncomfortable.  Even though shaded from the hot sun, the thick humid air of summer can cause extreme discomfort and respiratory concerns, especially when the day comes without a breeze.  With a little assistance of multiple fans and several chilled beverages from iced filled coolers and thermos’, you can add the extra relief that many people may require. Although several of us call in the troops for these items; asking your guests to bring personal items may be an inconvenience to them.   At Rental Depot Boston, we provide the items you need to keep your guests comfortable without the hassle of borrowing from them.


The Extraordinary

So, now that you’re guests have gathered, and comfort to its max has been accomplished, what do you do to keep them amused? Although getting together with old friends and family is always fun, the excitement wears off quickly for many people.  Thus, you step in and go from the host to the extraordinary host that earns compliments from all who attend. 

However, this will take a little thought as to the event type and crowd your hosting because not all items are fit for all events.  Below is a list of a few items that can successfully take an event to the next level:

  •                Champagne Fountains
  •                Dance Floors
  •                Fog Machines
  •                Dunk Tanks
  •                Cotton Candy Machines
  •                Volleyball Sets, Horseshoes, or other team games


Although we could go on forever; we think you get the idea.  For more great ideas on party rentals in Massachusetts, visit Rental Depot Boston online.  As one of Boston’s premier rental companies, we have what it takes to bring your summertime gathering to new heights.  Call us today to reserve the rentals your party needs (617) 327-1200.

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