COVID Party Solutions – MA Tent Rentals for Days

COVID Party Solutions – MA Tent Rentals for Days

Thanksgiving is around the corner. And, with COVID-19 numbers once again on the rise, many families are scrambling to rearrange holiday gatherings. Should the holiday be canceled, or should the show go on? No matter which side of the question you lie, Rental Depot is here to help. With a MA tent rental and a little luck from Mother Nature, we can help bring your traditional indoor celebration to the outdoors in a more open environment.

Understanding contributing factors

One of the most important elements of holiday planning during 2020 is the consideration of spreading COVID-19. Although many consider large gatherings to be the culprit, small gatherings can also play a significant role. Below is an overview of CDC provided factors to consider when planning your celebrations.

  • Current community levels – It’s imperative to consider the area in which the gathering will take place and the areas where your guests are arriving from. Friends and family should consider the cases in their community when deciding whether or host or attend a gathering.
  • Travel exposure – The safest way to travel during the holidays to reduce the risk of exposure is by car. If you need to utilize air, bus, and other forms of public transportation methods, your risk of exposure increases.
  • Location, location, location – As we mentioned, indoor gatherings pose more risk than outdoor gatherings. While the air is chilly in New England, the help of a heated tent rental in MA may be a solid consideration.
  • Number of people at the gathering – Unlike previous years, the size of your gathering matters. While the CDC does not have a limit or recommend a specific number of attendees, they provide guidelines. Attendees from different households should stay 6 feet apart and wear masks while following state guidelines as well.

Heated MA tent rental

At Rental Depot, we understand the importance of traditions and family as much as the next person. With the use of our tent rentals, you can increase safety by holding your Thanksgiving gathering outside this year. Although this in no way guarantees the stop of transmission, being outdoors provides improved ventilation.

For more information on other precautions and guidelines in the state of Massachusetts, be sure to visit Department of Public Health’s announcement on Thanksgiving During COVID-19.

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If hosting a holiday gathering this year, please be sure to take the added steps necessary to ensure the utmost safety of everyone. For more information on the available options at Rental Depot, contact our team today at (617) 327-1200.

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