Choosing The Right Size Tent For Your Outdoor Wedding

Choosing The Right Size Tent For Your Outdoor Wedding

Wedding season is around the corner. While most plans have probably been solidified, others may still need attending. For example, in MA, tent rental requests are at an all time at Rental Depot. With that, our team is also hearing a lot of the same question. What size tent would I need for 100 guests?

Here we’re providing you with an inside look at the different size options and what you can expect from your tent rental. But first, you will need to decide which type of frame is best for your big day – freestanding or canopy.


Freestanding Frame Tents

As the name implies, a freestanding tent holds shape without needing to be staked into the ground. In New England, this can have pros and cons. The pros – a freestanding frame is generally more straightforward and quicker to assemble and take down. The cons – you never know what Mother Nature is going to throw our way. While we all hope for clear blue skies on our wedding day, should we end up with an extremely windy day, this option may not prove to work out the best.


Canopy Tents

On the other side, there are canopy tents. This category of tent rentals encompasses a wide range of options. From freestanding designs to optional side panels, a canopy tent generally provides a more intimate feeling. Furthermore, a canopy tent is designed to be staked into the ground, offering peace of mind for unpredictable weather.



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Let’s talk guest count

Outdoor wedding receptions have taken off during the pandemic. While most gatherings have dwindled in size, we expect to see this turnaround soon. Thus, you’re faced with choosing a tent size that will sufficiently host everyone, without being crowded, of course. Below is a brief guideline of guest size and which size tent is recommended.


  • 20×20 – Freestanding and Canopy, seats 40
  • 20×30 – Freestanding and Canopy, seats 60
  • 20×40 – Freestanding and Canopy, seats 80
  • 20×50 – Freestanding, seats 100


Other things to consider

Beyond your guest count, you also want to consider other elements like food tables, dance floors, and so on that will require added space. However, when it comes to figuring out the exact space you’ll need, sometimes touching base with the experts at Rental Depot is the best option.


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If you have an upcoming need for a tent rental in MA, contact Rental Depot. For decades, we’ve provided expert advice and products to the greater Boston area. For more information, give us a call today at (617) 327-1200.

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