Yes, Equipment Rental in Boston IS Affordable!

Yes, Equipment Rental in Boston IS Affordable!

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When the subject of equipment rental in Boston surfaces, people often shy away from the idea for one reason – the cost. With the belief that equipment rentals are too expensive, many project goers search out innovative ideas that, more times than not, leave them with more work. While some don’t mind putting in extra hours and hard labor to save a buck or two, others prefer the more efficient method.


We’re here to falsify the myth.


Depending on the type of equipment needed, prices will vary. However, when looking at the picture as a whole, you’ll save money no matter what kind of rental is required. And, it’s crucial to remember that time is money.

Consider this scenario – you’re working a job that requires a mini excavator. You call around and price out the equipment only to find you can get it for no less than $500 for the time you need. Not willing to invest the added cost to the job, you recruit a team of skilled workers for manual labor. Let’s say five workers who are all paid $25/hour each. The job takes the team a full day to complete – 8 hours.

Simple calculations now put your expense at $1,000 in wages. Although the cost is now double, it’s actually higher as you lost a full day completing a task that would have otherwise been finished in 2-3 hours.


Equipment rental in Boston is a budget-friendly solution for any project.


It’s important to look at the scenario as a whole and not an immediate cost. Consider the job at hand, what type of equipment is needed, and where your time is best spent. Another consideration is whether or not you’ll use the equipment again. If this is a one or two-time need, then renting clearly becomes the more economical solution.

Besides, in many cases, the rental fee for your equipment is often tax-deductible from your business! Of course, it’s always best to check with your accountant as rules are constantly in motion, but we think you’ll be happy with what you find!


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