We’re Undercover With Types of Tent Rentals in MA

We’re Undercover With Types of Tent Rentals in MA

When planning an outdoor event in MA, tent rentals are a must-have. Never knowing what Mother Nature will bring, your hard work could easily be ruined without the proper precautions. Thus, knowing your options for the different types of tent rentals available could save the day!

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Frame Tent

As one of the most requested tent rentals in MA, frame tents eliminate the intrusive center pole. Constructed by a metal frame, this option is a perfect solution for weddings or other gatherings with several tables or dance floors. Besides, the ceiling framework provides a way to hang lighting, decorations, or draped fabric to enhance the aesthetic of your reception.


Pole Tent

As the name implies, this tent is held up by several central beams. Staked into the ground, pole tents provide a dynamic pitched ceiling through tension. An exquisite and sophisticated solution for any event. However, even though the visual appeal is charming, many people find the poles and ropes to be a tripping hazard.


Marquee Tent

Fret not; we have the solution. Providing the best of both worlds, the marquee style tent combines the frame tent structure with the dynamic of a pole tent’s ceiling.

Clear Tent

Another version of the frame tent, the clear tent is perfect for dancing the night away under the stars. If you’re hesitant about the idea of a tent, this may be the solution you’ve been seeking. Created with clear vinyl, your guests will feel as if they’re outdoors while being protected from any of nature’s surprises. However, the one downfall of a clear tent is its daytime tendency to trap the sun’s heat.


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Sailcloth Tent

Growing in popularity, the sailcloth tent is similar to the pole tent. However, instead of vinyl, this tent uses sailcloth material, which provides a soft glow to the interior of the tent. Furthermore, the metal poles are replaced by wooden ones. Thus, a more natural feel and aesthetic can be created with a sailcloth tent.


If you’re planning an outdoor reception or event, it’s time to think about tent rentals in MA. For more information, contact the team at Rental Depot. We have a large selection of tents and sizes perfect for any occasion. Call us today at (617) 327-1200.

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