Wedding Table Linens: Choosing the Right Color

Wedding Table Linens: Choosing the Right Color

First off, congratulations! Now that you’ve said “yes,” it’s time to start planning for the big day. However excited you may start, stress can quickly set in with the abundance of details requiring your attention. However, when it comes to wedding party rentals in Massachusetts, our team at Rental Depot is here to help keep the stress to a minimum! From tents to silverware, we have the supplies you need to bring your reception together seamlessly.

For decades, our team has helped brides across the region with some of the toughest selections. For example, linen color choice. While all receptions have dining tables for their guests, choosing a linen color is often the last thing on the couple’s mind. So, when presented with the abundance of choices, linens can be the onset of unnecessary stress.

In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the most popular linen choices and the impact they’ll make on your wedding day.



Elegance meets simplicity

One of the best ways to tackle wedding day linen colors is to keep it simple. White or beige present a classic, elegant, and clean look for any wedding theme. Another added benefit of choosing white are the ample opportunities to spotlight other colors. For example, if your wedding’s primary color is light pink, you can incorporate the color seamlessly through napkins, centerpieces, or chair bows. On the other hand, you may be hosting a vibrant summer wedding. By selecting white linens, you’re not limited to using any additional colors that are appropriate for your special day!



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Keep your venue in mind

If your wedding reception is indoors, keeping the décor in mind is crucial. By complementing the traits of the room that appeal to you, you’ll enhance the overall aesthetic with ease. For example, if your venue is rustic with open beams and large windows, you may want to consider celadon or olive. These shades of green will bring the feel of the outdoors inside, accentuating the rustic vibe with a delicate touch.




Consider the season

Certain times of the year are more appropriate for specific colors than others. For instance, fall is the perfect time to flaunt burgundy, burnt orange, and eggplant, whereas a spring wedding is better suited for dusty rose, lilac, and lemon. Considering the season will help eliminate a myriad of colors right from the start, making color selection a much easier task.


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Remember highlighting is your best friend

No matter what color linen you choose, having contrasting highlights is always recommended. Let us go back to the fall wedding colors for a moment.  While eggplant is a beautiful color, when covering your tables in such a deep color, you can quickly enclose a spacy and make the overall tone seem dreary.  Be sure to incorporate bursts of lighter colors such as white and mint greenery in your centerpieces to keep the vibe cheerful.



When searching for your wedding party rental needs in Massachusetts, stop by and visit our team at Rental Depot. With what seems a never-ending list of details to attend to, we’re here to help make your wedding planning easier. Visit our online catalog or call us today for more information at (617) 327-1200.

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