Top 3 Fall Tool Rentals in MA for Lawn Care

Top 3 Fall Tool Rentals in MA for Lawn Care

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Even though we’re in the thick of the hot summer months, it’s never too soon to plan for the future.  Now, we’re not talking about retirement future; we’re talking about a few months from now.  Here in New England, we’ve coined the phrase “Spring Cleaning” with regards home interior and exterior deep cleaning and preparations.  However, what about fall preparations? With the following preparations, you can be sure your yard is ready for the harsh winter months that are sure to arrive.  However, if you find you’re not equipped with the items we mention, there’s no need to worry.  Here at Renal Depot Boston, we have the MA tool rentals you need!


Leaf Cleanup

One of the most common lawn care jobs that we all face in New England is leaf removal.  Even though the autumn leaves bring the beauty that thousands flock to the state to view; they also mean hours of pickup.  Although this can seem a chore for homeowners, it can be fun and easy!  With the use of the right rakes and leaf blowers, you can have piles of leaves in no time at all.  But don’t pick them up yet! Jumping into a huge mound of leaves is one of the best fall pastimes of children.  Even though this means more cleanup, your tool rental will make life easy; and memories last forever.  Furthermore, these piles of leaves are the perfect solution to putting a scarecrow together quickly.



Now that you’re leaves have been removed from your lawn, you’re ready to lay down fall fertilizer.  However, for the best result, the use of an aerator, you can ensure the deepest application of a much-needed treatment for your lawn.  Many experts recommend a late fall application of slow-release fertilizer to assist in cold-resistance, spring root growth, and disease protection.  Furthermore, fall is a great time to throw down some seed.  As a dense lawn is the best kind to protect against weeds, getting a jump start will have you thanking yourself in the spring.


Tend to Your Garden

Chances are, you’re garden has passed.  Providing you with a season of fresh vegetables and fruits, your freezer is stocked for the winter months.  However, it’s imperative to return to the love to your garden to ensure a healthy crop in the upcoming years.  With the use of a garden tiller, you can easily turn the soil and fertilize with the nutrients your plants will need in the spring.  Or, perhaps you’re looking to plant fall flowers, either way, tool rentals can help get the job done quickly.



Now that we have you thinking of the cooler months take the time to create your to-do list.  At Rental Depot Boston, we have the tool rentals in MA that you need to make any job an easy one.  To reserve your tools, give us a call today at (617) 327-1200.

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