Tool Rental MA: Finish Your Spring Project Early

Tool Rental MA: Finish Your Spring Project Early

Spring is nearly here, and it’s time to start thinking about all those projects you said you would finish after the winter. Whether your project is indoors or outdoors, Rental Depot Boston can help you get it done with tool rental in MA. Some tools you will only use once a year—maybe less—so it makes sense to rent. (Though we understand that it’s always exciting to add a new tool to your collection.) Here are some of the tools available to rent to tackle your spring project.

Carpet Cleaner

When you think of tools, carpet cleaners don’t immediately spring to mind. But carpet cleaners are more than just heavy-duty vacuum cleaners. Even though you vacuum your carpets regularly, dirt and grime still build up that your vacuum can’t get. By shooting water and cleaning solution into your carpets, you can get a deep clean that you can’t get with a vacuum. You can easily see the difference if you have light-colored carpets and have never used a carpet cleaner before. Not only will your carpets look and feel cleaner, but you’ll also be getting rid of allergens in your carpet fibers.

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Wet Vac

Does your basement flood every year? Or did it happen for the first time this year? Renting a wet vac is an easy way to clean up all that water before it causes lasting damage. Water doesn’t just cause damage to your floors and walls. If it doesn’t dry out, it can cause a long-term mold problem that can be tough to get rid of.

Wet vacs are also great for outdoor projects, too. If you are washing your deck, a wet vac is a quick and easy way to dry it afterward. Vacuuming up the water is an essential step in cleaning your deck. The wood can warp if it absorbs too much water, and if it soaks up all that dirty water again, it won’t be much cleaner than when you started.

Sod Cutter

Springtime is when we restart yard work, and tool rental in MA is indispensable to those projects. If you’re laying sod this year, you’ll want to rent a sod cutter. Putting down sod isn’t something the average homeowner does every year, so a sod cutter is a tool you’ll want to rent. Depot Rental Boston also has other tools for your yard work projects, including aerators, mini excavators, and stump grinders.

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Tool rental MA from Rental Depot Boston

No matter what your next big project is, Rental Depot Boston has the tools you need. Save yourself some time and money by renting the right tool, whether you’re building, removing, renovating, or cleaning. Contact our team at (617) 327-1200 for more information on all the tools and equipment we have available to rent.

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