Choose the Right Tent for Your Event

Choose the Right Tent for Your Event

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The weather is starting to warm up again in New England, and planning for outdoor events is in full swing. And as we all know, any outdoor event requires a tent. Tent rental in MA is by no means a one size fits all process. You have to consider the kind of event, number of guests, location, and potential weather conditions. At Rental Depot Boston, we’re used to considering all the variables and are ready to help you choose the best tent for your event.

Here are some tips to help you pick the right tent rental in MA.

It’s all about the space.

The size of the tent that you will need for an event depends on a few factors. The kind of event, number of guests, and seating arrangements all dictate how big the tent needs to be. For example, if you are having an outdoor wedding, you need room for more than just seating. You need to allow space for a dance floor, bar, and buffet tables. If the ceremony and reception are both going to be held in the tent, you will also need to consider where the guests will gather while the seating is rearranged and the tables set up.

Location, location, location.

Once you know what size tent you need, you can think about the other features. If you are having your event in a place with great views, you want your guests to see them. After all, you picked this place for the views. You’ll want a tent that has no sides or flaps that are easy to tie up. If you are throwing a birthday or anniversary party in your backyard, you may want some privacy from the neighbors. A tent with flaps that are easily closed is ideal for an event set in a neighborhood or semi-public place.

What’s the weather?

In New England, the answer to that question can change several times in a day. Protecting your event and guests from the elements is a must when choosing a tent. Wind, rain, or unexpected cold can ruin even the most meticulously planned event. Choosing a tent that can adapt to sudden changes in the weather is a must. Putting down the flaps on one side can block wind without completely eliminating the view. Some tents have clear side panels so your guests can still take in the scenery despite the wind and rain.

The Best Tent Rental MA

Are you planning an event for this spring or summer? Then you need a tent! Contact Rental Depot Boston for the best selection of tent rentals. Visit our website or call (617) 327-1200 for more information about our tent rental options.

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