Table Rental: Yes, There Will Be Math.

Table Rental: Yes, There Will Be Math.

You have a lot to think about when planning an event. And while everything on your to-do list is necessary for planning the perfect event, there are few things more important than working out where everyone is going to sit. Whether you are having a formal sit-down meal or not, you are going to need tables. People have to put their drinks and plates down somewhere, even if you are just doing cocktails and appetizers. But no matter what kind of tables you need, there is going to be some math involved. But don’t worry! The team at Rental Depot is here to help you work out your table rental needs.

Here is your guide to table rental for any event.

What kind of event is it?

The first step to table rental is knowing what kind of event you are hosting. Will there be a sit-down meal, or are you doing drinks, apps, and mingling? If the former, you need to know not only how many people are attending but how many tables you can fit in your venue. Having lots of small tables might be a nice idea, but your space may not accommodate that setup.

How many guests are coming?

Okay, this is where the math comes in. Sometimes the number of people will dictate how you break down the seating arrangements. Is it easier to divide the seating by tables of 8 or 10? If it’s a wedding, how many people do you want at the top table, rather than part of the general seating arrangement? Does it make more sense to have them at a long table? That will change the layout and affect how much space you have for the other tables.

High-Top or Low-Top?

There are a few factors to consider when deciding whether you want tall tables or normal height tables. For cocktails and mingling, tall tables are nice because guests can easily stand around them and chat, but then they still have somewhere to put their drinks down. For a sit-down meal, most people prefer low-top tables because they are easier to eat at. Lower tables are also better if you have older guests because they provide a place to sit and no one has to hop down from a tall stool.

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Table Rental from Rental Depot

No matter what or how big your event is, Rental Depot can help you organize it. And we do much more than just table rental. We do tents, chairs, linens, table toppers, and more. You can rent whatever you need for your event from Rental Depot.

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