Spring Is Coming: MA Tool Rental Can Help!

Spring Is Coming: MA Tool Rental Can Help!

Before we know it, spring will have arrived in New England. For homeowners, this time of year means rolling up the sleeves and getting to work in the yard. From routine cleanups and maintenance to larger products like patio additions, adding retaining walls, and so on, having the right equipment is a must. At Rental Depot, we’re known as the go-to for tool rental in MA. Whether you require equipment to dig or level, cut wood or sand your new deck, we have what your project requires!

Here is a look at a few of the most popular rental tools during the spring months.


Stump Grinders

Often, the icy winter months take down trees. Thus, homeowners are faced with the task of tree removal come spring. A tedious task with many working parts, stump removal often proves the toughest. Using a rotating blade, stump grinders shred into the wood brining a tree stump below ground level. While some grinders bring the depth to 18 inches, most operate until just below the surface level.



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Mini Excavator

A compact version of the full-sized equipment, a mini excavator can make life much easier. One of the biggest reasons to rent this equipment comes with the highly in-demand seasonal pool installation. If you know anything about this process, you know obtaining a completely level surface is a must. Mini excavators can help remove stumps, fill holes, and level large surface areas.



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Perhaps your springtime list is a bit less extreme in the DIY department but requires general lawn care. As you know, fertilizing is a must early in the season. However, did you know that an aerator can ensure the deepest, most effective application? You’re putting forth the time – make sure you get the most from your efforts!



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No matter what your spring list holds, with the right MA tool rental, your job can be an easy one! For more information on the various tools and equipment offered at Rental Depot, please contact our team by calling (617) 327-1200. Our team is always happy to provide expert, trusted advise along with a free rental quote!

Don’t make springtime chores harder than necessary, give us a call today!

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