Spring Tool Rental MA: Mini Excavator Benefits

Spring Tool Rental MA: Mini Excavator Benefits

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At Rental Depot, we understand the satisfaction that comes with completing your own project, from start to finish. With spring fast approaching, homeowers have those DIY projects top of mind.  Lucky for you, we have the tool rental MA homeowners need!

Beyond the inventory, we have the knowledgeable staff to work with you, ensuring that you understand how to use the equipment, and which machine is best for your needs.  In this article, we’re highlighting the mini excavator and how this piece of equipment can make your life easier!


It’s heavy

We’ve all heard of heavy machinery, but have you ever considering how it can be of use to your backyard? While operating heavy machinery like a mini excavator may seem intimidating, it’s a breeze with a little understanding of the inner workings.  Besides, these machines that are deemed “compact,” typically weigh in between 2,500 and 4,000 pounds. This is compact compared to their larger counterparts, who tip the scale anywhere from 26,000 to 55,000 pounds.  With weight, comes stability to your project.

It’s versatile

Most mini excavators operate using hydraulic power to move the boom, stick, and attachment. These smaller machines are perfect for substantial landscaping and forestry operations, as well as minor construction and demolition projects. Furthermore, they’re ideal when leveling larger plots of land.  For example, if you’re installing a pool this season, a flat surface is one of the first steps.  Mini excavators can also be used for digging large holes and removing old stumps.  Perhaps a little demolition is in your future – like an unsightly backyard gazebo, this MA tool rental will help!

It’s powerful

When considering renting a mini excavator, it’s essential to understand the height, dig depth, and weight limitations you may encounter. Mini excavators are preferred to standard size ones because they work well in compact areas (i.e., your backyard), and are easier to operate. However, it’s crucuial that you take the time to learn proper operation before attempting any project.  These machines may seem little, but they’re loaded with power.  Without the proper know-how, you may damage items such as sewer pipes, power lines, and other items that will cause a huge headache. 


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Here at Rental Depot, we encourage DIY homeowners to give it a go! We not only provide you with the equiptment you need for a succesfull project, but also with the education needed to complete it with the utmost safety.

Having access to tool rentals, MA homeowners can easy through those honey-do spring time lists in no time at all! Stop in and visit us today for more information on the tools and equipment we can provide for your next project!

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