It’s A New Year and DIY Projects Are In Full Swing

It’s A New Year and DIY Projects Are In Full Swing

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With any new year comes a myriad of resolutions. From personal fitness goals to home organization and fulfilling travel dreams, the intent is strong and motivation high. Although our team at Rental Depot can’t help with the health and travel goals, we can help you succeed in tackling at-home projects with Boston tool rental options. In this article, we’re looking at a few DIY home organization projects to start your year off on the right foot!


Why organize?

Several studies show that a decluttered, organized home promotes happiness and less stress. So, how’s your home measuring up? During 2020, people were home more than ever before, and stuff piled up. It happened, it’s still happening, but it’s time to clean up the mess.


Closets you’re proud to show family

Possibly one of the biggest clutter culprits is the closet. They provide the extra space needed to store “stuff” while also providing a door to keep it from view. However, there is nothing more frustrating than needing something from that same closet and refacing the disaster.

With the right tools and materials, building shelves will not organize the mess, but it will also create more space! Be sure to check out this article from Country Living for a few excellent ideas on turning your closet into a space you’d happily leave the door open for!


Getting ahead of the outdoor season

Second on the list of DIY projects is flipping the focus to the outdoors. Even though there are many months of winter ahead, it’s never too early to think spring. And, if you’re feeling crafty, DIY furniture will create the usable outdoor living space you’ll be more than ready to enjoy! Below are a few ideas to get your journey started:


  • Hanging bench swing
  • Couches and tables
  • Rocking chairs
  • Picnic tables
  • Planters and tiered herb gardens
  • Bars or countertops


Laundry rooms that create envy

Finally, we want to take a moment to talk about laundry. An inevitable task in any home, and sometimes tedious for large families, laundry is unavoidable. However, creating a laundry space that makes life easy can turn your outlook around. Consider building a basket shelf to encourage family members to separate colors. The addition of cabinets is another excellent way to hide away bottles, extra towels, blankets, etc. Depending on the allotted space, built-in drying racks are another element that will certainly prove helpful.


Start your year off on the right foot and get organized! However, having the right tools is crucial to a seamless and stress-free project. So, if you’re looking for tool rental in Boston, then it’s time to visit Rental Depot. With the largest selection of tools in the region, we can help you finish what you started!

For more information, contact our team today at (617) 327-1200, and see what we can do for you!



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