How a Tent Rental Makes Your DIY Yard Project A Breeze

How a Tent Rental Makes Your DIY Yard Project A Breeze

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While thousands of people are homebound, those long neglected projects are finally getting the attention they deserve! However, many homeowners are also finding themselves without the resources they need to successfully complete their projects. So, you’re left with options.

The first, online order the parts you need and possibly spend a lot of money. The other, give the team at Rental Depot a call and pay a fraction of the cost for equipment you may never use again! Whether you’re considering a tent rental, sander, stump grinder, or tiller, we have the extensive inventory to get your job done.

Yes, you read that right – a tent rental. Although most people associate tent rentals with backyard gatherings for weddings, graduations, or family reunions, they also serve other purposes! In this article, we’re taking a look at a few ways your MA tent rental can make your projects easier!


They provide shade

As the hot summer days approach, the sun becomes an obstacle. If your project has you outdoors with no shelter, renting a tent is the perfect way to avoid sunburns and heat damage to your tools and equipment. Paired with fan, you’ll have the perfect location to get that much needed break!


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They’re compact

Depending on where your project leads you, space and objects may become an issue. However, smaller sized tents, often referred to as “pop-ups” are easily managed in most environments. Not only are these tents easy to move around the yard, but they’re also easy to carry up hills, or place in areas that are saturated with trees and shrubs




A tent rental eliminates back and forth trips

Often, outdoor projects involve an array of tools. Because you won’t be using all of your tools and equipment at once, you’ll most likely be making several trips back and forth. Whether to the garage, shed, or even the back of your vehicle, a tent rental can eliminate those extra steps by providing protection from nature’s elements. However, if you choose to leave your equipment outdoors, you may want to consider a larger tent that provides the option for side panels.


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If you’re heading outdoors to tackle those long forgotten projects, a tent rental is a perfect companion! Contact our team at Rental Depot to discover the vast array of options available for any size job or gathering (617) 327-1200.

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