Heated Tent Rentals for Fall Wedding

Heated Tent Rentals for Fall Wedding

Fall weddings are beautiful and unique for a variety of reasons. The backdrop of New England trees allows for an array of color schemes and themes. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about the sticky heat or mosquitos of summer weddings or the potential snowfall of the winter. Fall weddings do pose their challenges though. Beautiful scenery and a cool breeze might encourage guests to spend time outside, but chilly nighttime air might force them indoors. Here at Rental Depot, we remedy this problem by providing heated tent rentals for all your fall weddings.

Designated Party Space

Even on days with perfect weather, heated tent rentals offer a designated space for party guests. If you’re having a backyard wedding, setting up tables and place settings under a tent can deter guests from hanging out indoors, and keep the party going out back. Additionally, heated tents mean you can party all night long.

Keep Warm

Fall temperatures can be unpredictable, especially in New England. The difference between early October and late October can be upwards of 40 degrees! Choosing a heated tent means you’re prepared in any case. Even if the daytime event is beautiful and refreshing, evening temperatures can drop enough to send even the hardiest partier inside.

Go All Night

The right lighting, good music, and good company can keep a party going into the wee hours of the morning. Make sure your guests have a place to rest their feet from all that dancing! Setting up tables, chairs, the bar, and maybe even the dance floor beneath a heated tent means you can get the ambiance of an outdoor event without having to worry about what’s going on with the weather. Snow, rain, or shine, party on!

Here at Rental Depot, we love a good party. And the key to a good party is keeping your guests comfortable. Whether it’s with tasty cocktails, catchy music or a heated tent rental, we want your fall wedding to be one to remember. Give us a call at 617-327-1200 to see what we have available for your special day!

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