Haunted Halloween Rentals

Haunted Halloween Rentals

We love a good party. From food and drink to party games and cocktails, nothing beats getting everyone you know and love together for a celebration. But perhaps the holiday with the most potential is Halloween. Although some argue it’s a night for kids, there’s no reason that adults can’t participate. Read on to learn how Rental Depot can help you host a haunted night to remember with our party rentals.

Cool Food & Drinks

Whether or not you want to admit it, people come to the party for the food. They stay for the company and the atmosphere, but they show up for free food. Although we won’t knock homemade Halloween cupcakes and “blood” colored punch, there’s something nostalgic about carnival food. One may argue it’s unconventional, but everyone is already acting like a child. Why not reminisce about Halloween over cotton candy machines, hot dog steamers, and freshly popped popcorn.


“Entertainment” is the all-encompassing term used to talk about everything else. The guests are entertaining, the decor is entertaining, and the activities are entertaining. But every party involves chit chat and cool Halloween decorations – don’t you want to be a step above? We offer things like stages and surround sound systems, and projectors and screens. Think of the possibilities! You can show horror movies, have a slideshow of monsters of Halloween’s past, or even blast spooky sounds through your home or backyard. We also have tents, tables, and chairs to make sure your guests are comfortable and want to stay a while.

Whether you’re looking to throw the scariest party of the year or have everyone over for a good time, the options here at Rental Depot are endless. We have everything you need to take your party from good to great. For more information about your options and to see what we have in stock, give us a call at 617-327-1200.

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