Get Summer DIY Done with Equipment Rental Boston

Get Summer DIY Done with Equipment Rental Boston

Summer is a time when many people make time for their DIY projects. But how often do you leave those projects incomplete because you don’t have the right tools to finish the job? As you’re working on a remodeling project installation, you don’t want to have to put it on hold for months because you need a specialized piece of equipment. At Rental Depot, we know that it doesn’t always make sense to buy a tool just because you need it for one thing. That’s why you need a go-to place for equipment rental Boston.

Here are some of the tools we carry for your use when you need equipment rental in Boston.

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Drum Sander

Have you been meaning to redo or refinish your wood floors? If so, a drum sander is the tool you need to finish the job. Carpenters and woodworkers use drum sanders to sand long planks of wood, like floorboards. The drum sander makes the surface of the wood flatter and smoother. If you are putting down a new wood floor, you’ll need one to sand the boards before you lay and finish them.

Coring Drill

You probably don’t often have to drill a hole through concrete, but when you do, you need a coring drill. To drill through concrete, you need a bit made of the right material and a drill with enough power behind it to make the hole. Projects that require a coring drill include installing vents, running electrical wires, and laying pipes for plumbing work. If you need to cut a hole in the floor or ceiling, a coring drill is the tool you need in that situation as well.

Finish Gun

A finish nailer is what you need when you’re ready to put the finishing touches on a room. This tool shoots out the small nails you need to install paneling, decorative molding, and baseboards. You might not think about molding or baseboards very much, but if they were missing you’d notice that the room feels incomplete. When you’re remodeling a room or putting an addition on your home, the project won’t be done until you put the finishing touches down on it. You may not need a finishing gun again once you’re finished, so it makes sense to rent.

Finish Your Projects with Equipment Rental Boston

Are you ready to finally wrap up that project? Rental Depot has the tools you need to get it done. We have the latest services, technology, and information available to give you the equipment rental in Boston you need. And the tools we mentioned here aren’t all that we have! Check out our complete list of all the tools you can rent to finish your project.

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