Fall Lawn Cleanup Made Easy with Local Tool Rental

Fall Lawn Cleanup Made Easy with Local Tool Rental

Late fall is a scary time. The pretty leaves have turned a crunchy brown and cover your lawn, and the weather puts a thin layer of icy frost on your windshield in the morning. Winter is looming. With all the preparation you’re doing in your home – making sure the heat is in order, fixing any drafty doors or windows – it’s easy to neglect the outside. But preparing your lawn for winter can ensure your grass will grow back green and lush come spring.

The problem? Lawn care tools can be expensive – especially if you’re only using them once or twice per year. But here at Rental Depot, you don’t have to pay full price. We have a variety of tool and equipment rentals to make preparing for the winter as easy as ever!


When preparing your lawn for winter, you want to give your grass the best chance of survival. By aerating your yard, your giving space to absorb nutrients and “spread out.” All summer, backyard activities packed down the soil, leaving little room to breathe. Aerating your lawn by removing tiny pieces of dirt using an aerator can allow your greenery to thrive.

5 & 8 Horsepower Garden Tillers

Did you know the spring and fall are the best time to fertilize your lawn? Whether you have freshly planted trees, shrubs, or grass, giving them a little nutrient boost can help them survive the long winter. Garden tillers help mix the soil and make it easier to deal with. It also allows fertilizer or topsoil to be better absorbed by the deeper roots.

We understand it can be a little overwhelming. Anything beyond cutting the grass or raking leaves may seem a bit excessive, but we promise it’ll pay off in the long run. If you have any questions about what tools and equipment are right for your project, pop in our shop on Spring Street in West Roxbury!

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