Choosing the Right Size Dance Floor

Choosing the Right Size Dance Floor

One of the highest requested party rentals in MA is the dance floor. Perfect for any occasion, dance floors are a must for weddings and the perfect addition to any backyard event. However, choosing the right size dance floor is key to ensuring there’s enough space for your guests to enjoy a night (or day) full of dancing. Here are a few pointers to consider from our team at Rental Depot.


Rule of thumb

When it comes to renting a dance floor, the general rule of thumb is to allot nine square feet per couple. However, this rule isn’t taking into account your entire guest list. Think back to the last event you attended where dancing was involved, now think about how many people were dancing. At most, it’s safe to assume that no more than half of your guests will be dancing at once.


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15×16 feet

A dance floor of this size will include twenty interlocking sections. So, going by the rule of thumb, it’s the perfect size for approximately twenty-seven couples. This size dance floor is generally the ideal size for backyard events.


18×20 feet

However, depending on the event, you may need to go a bit larger. With thirty sections, an 18×20 foot floor will accommodate approximately 40 couples or 80 people.


21×24 feet

Even larger in size, the 21×24 foot floor can hold around 56 couples. This floor comes in forty-two interlocking sections.


24×28 feet

Still not big enough? Must be quite the event you’re planning! No need to worry though, the 24×28 foot dance floor will accommodate 75 couples or approximately 150 people. This size is the most common for large weddings with a guest list of 300 people.


27×32 feet

However, if you want to be sure that you’re leaving ample space for dancing the largest floor will hold approximately 96 couples or 192 people!



Another important factor when selecting your MA party rentals is the location you intend to set them up. When considering a dance floor, you’ll want to choose an area of the yard that is flat in order to properly lay the floor down. Further, it’s a good idea to consider renting a tent to cover the dance floor. This will protect the dance floor from potential damage due to weather, sprinklers, etc.


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For more assistance on which dance floor may be the best for your event, give the team at Rental Depot a call. We are here to make your event successful by providing all the party rentals you need! Contact us today at (617) 327-1200.

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