Carpet Cleaners: A Top Equipment Rental in Boston

Carpet Cleaners: A Top Equipment Rental in Boston

With the fall months upon us, homeowners are closing their windows to keep the cold air outside.  However, with that, you’re also keeping potentially unwanted germs in.  Household carpets are one of the most dangerous areas when it concerns the harboring of germs and bacteria.  At Rental Depot, we have the equipment rental in Boston your home needs.  Deep carpet cleaners.  Although vacuuming is essential, sometimes it is just not enough.

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To clean or to vacuum? That is the question.

If there’s carpet in your home, then deep cleaning is the answer. Carpet is one of the biggest areas for dust and allergens to settle in the home. Although everyday vacuum cleaners are an essential part of daily cleaning; they won’t get the deep down clean you require.


Lets get gross here.

Still not convinced? Below are a few reminders of what could be setting up shop in your carpet.


Dust Mites: Humans shed skin. Skin is the primary food source for dust mites. Settling deep into the depths of the carpet fibers, these nasty little creatures are a prime cause for many allergies.

Norovirus: For up to six weeks, this little fella will set up shop in your carpet.  Waiting for you or your family to walk or lay on the carpet, the virus will quickly spread.  Don’t worry though, it likes to share it’s characteristics and will leave you with flu-like symptoms.

Mold: Another major factor for allergies, mold.  However, if left untreated, this bad boy can open the door for other respiratory diseases as well.

Enterococci: Although we naturally create this bacteria in our intestines, enterococci are the cause of serious infections. From UTIs to diverticulitis, enterococci have several strains that are particularly harmful.


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Although vacuuming is crucial to your family’s health, it’s not enough. Here at Rental Depot, we have the equipment rental in Boston you need; carpet cleaners.  Call us today and reserve your cleaner (888) 305-0045.


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