Boston Tool Rental Highlight: The Bull Sander

Boston Tool Rental Highlight: The Bull Sander

equipment rental in BostonWhen it comes to heavy duty home improvement projects, many of them require specialized equipment you can’t find in your average tool shed. At Rental Depot, we can give you the power to complete your own DIY project without having to pay a professional contractor. Our Boston tool rental services allow you to rent the tools that you need, saving you money. This month, we’re going to highlight some various tools, and what they can be used for. First up: bull sanders.



Sanders are one of the most popular rentals because they are often overlooked and deemed unnecessary for purchase, but will undeniably come up in a variety of projects. These tools are used to sand down a rough surface to prepare it for painting or sealing. If you are repainting a surface, you will need to sand off the old layer of paint to give the fresh coat a smooth surface to stick to. If you fail to do so correctly, your new paint job may look bumpy or uneven.

Clean First!

Although sanding a surface is associated with cleaning – it’s one of the preparation steps for painting – it is not step one. Before you use a sander, be sure to remove as much dirt and grime as possible. You can use soap and water and a sponge, a hose, or even a pressure water. Trying to sand off the dirt can be timely, and can damage the machine.

Smooth by Abrasion

Here at Rental Depot, we offer Bull Sanders as part of our Boston tool rental service. Sanders work by removing the first layer of a surface by abrasion. They traditionally use sandpaper, and move it in a circular or repetitive motion, to smooth the surface more efficiently than if you were doing it by hand. Sandpaper comes in various grits and material, so make sure you’re getting the right type for your job.

The professionals here at Rental Depot have years of experience working with these tools, so you can feel confident knowing that you’re getting the right tool for the job. Give us a call at  617-327-1200 to learn more about the different equipment available for Boston tool rental.

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