Top 3 Uses for A Demolition Hammer

Top 3 Uses for A Demolition Hammer

When it comes to concrete, brick, and other masonry work, demolition hammers can prove quite useful.  Designed for the professional contractor, demo hammers have come a long way in their available features.  From vibrational absorption to padded gripping, these versatile pieces of equipment make tough jobs easy.  However, because of the strength a demo hammer has, it is not the ideal everyday tool.  Hence, the demolition hammer is perfect for tool rental in MA


Driveway Repair or Replacement

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of tearing up concrete, you know it is not an easy task.  With the use of a demolition hammer, you will be wondering why you never used one before.  Chipping away at concrete with the proper safety equipment will have you onto the next task in no time at all. 


Driving Ground Rods

Used primarily in the electrical industry, ground rods are a means of safely grounding electrical currents.  Once placed, the rod is a method of transportation from the primary source of electricity with the use of a connector and wiring.  An affordable solution, ground rods can prove to be tricky to work with if you don’t have the proper equipment.  The standard ground rod is eight feet in length and needs to be completing driven into the ground to avoid future hazards.  Thus, if the ground contains large rocks or even concrete, the use of a demolition hammer can make life much easier.


Restoration Work

Often in restoration, you’re faced with the problem of having to demo through concrete and brick.  Although the use of smaller tools such as hammer drills and rotary hammers can prove efficient, they are not always the best suited for the job.  The size of the ideal tool depends on the task at hand.  If you use a hammer that is too small, you could break it due to the stresses put on the piece of equipment.

Demolition hammers are the perfect solution in restoration.  Not only does this tool provide ease in concrete foundations, but also with brick exteriors.  This powerful tool is versatile enough to make otherwise tough demolitions a breeze. 


Because the demolition hammer is not an everyday tool, purchasing it may not prove to be sensible.  Thus, with the option of renting, you have the perfect solution.  For tool rental in MA, contact Rental Depot.  Offering the latest in services, technology, and information, we strive to meet any project specification.  Visit us online or call today at (617) 327-1200.

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