3 Tips for Throwing a Magical Winter Wedding

3 Tips for Throwing a Magical Winter Wedding

Although the traditional wedding season is usually May through October, you can have a beautiful wedding any time of year. In fact, having a wedding in the winter gives you the chance to get married in a winter wonderland. There are some challenges to having a wedding in the winter, but every season poses unique challenges, so that’s no reason to rule winter out. All you need is to find the best Boston wedding rental companies, so you’ll have everything you need for the perfect winter wedding.

Make your winter wedding a magical experience (for you and your guests!) with these tips from the team at Rental Depot Boston.

Stay Warm

The most important thing is to keep everyone warm! If you are having your wedding in a tent, make sure that you have enough heaters and fuel to keep them going. Indoor venues can get chilly, too, so set up screens near the doors to block the cold air from the outside.

Offer hot drinks at the bar. The basics of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate will please everyone. Add hot cider to the list for a regional touch; it will be a hit with your out-of-town guests. There are also plenty of cocktails that are also hot beverages. You can even work with your bartender to come up with a signature cocktail to wow your guests and keep them warm!

Stick with the Season

Don’t choose your decorations despite the season, but rather because of it. Fur accents, silver and gold decor, and white string lights all contribute to a winter wonderland feel inside your wedding venue. If you want to include more colors, use them to create a theme. Light blue and silver create a winter theme, while reds, greens, and gold lend themselves to a holiday atmosphere.

Think of Your Guests

Your wedding is your special day, but your guests are there to celebrate with you, so keep them in mind while you plan. The weather can make travel difficult, so you don’t want to pick a venue that’s too far off the beaten track. People are dressed up, older relatives will be attending, and they shouldn’t have to pick their way through the snow. It’s also a good idea to have a coat check so your guests don’t have to worry about putting coats on the backs of chairs and trying to keep them from sliding to the floor.

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